São João del Rei is a place where beauty and harmony are evident immediately. Such beauty is found in the city itself and in its monuments, churches and buildings. The harmony of our city is musically enriched by two orchestras, both in continuous existence for 300 years, and a musical Conservatory.

Our people are religious, not only in the sense of devotion and active participation in organized religions but also in the sense of spirituality. The Dalai Lama says that spirituality equals ethics. For us then, sharing our world here and its ethic of an inspired and calm people is a privilege.

There are many religious celebrations in São João del Rei, such as those during Holy Week, that attract visitors from all over our country. Some aspects of the way these religious holidays are celebrated here have long historical traditions that have not been modified throughout centuries of celebration. For example, some still are associated with a mass in Latin.

São-joanenses, as people from São João del Rei are referred to, come across as peaceful and hospitable people. We sincerely believe you will find that São João del Rei is well-worth a visit.

Leisure and Sports
- Climbing
- Mountain walking
- Waterfalls
- Paragliding
- Off-road rides
- Hiking
- Horse-riding
- Pot-holing

- Museums
- Baroque Style Churches
- Centenary Orchestras
- Mineira Colonial Architecture
- Maria Fumaça – a functioning old Steam Engine

Shopping and Local Handcrafts
- Tear (linen beddings, carpets and rugs)
- Pewter
- Wood carvings
- Crochete Abrolhos knitting
- Wood and Iron furniture making
- Artistic iron chopping
- Copper and bronze handcrafts
- Statues of Saints and Idols
- Saddles and leather goods
- Pottery and Ceramics

- Cachaças (Spirits) from centenary distilleries
- Typical local sweets
- Mineira cuisine
- Mineira eateries and pastries baked in typical clay ovens

Once in São João del Rei, make sure you visit these nearby cities below:
- Tiradentes
- Bichinho
- Prados
- Resende Costa
- Coronel Xavier Chaves
- Dores de Campos
- Carrancas
- Represa de Camargos
- Ritápolis
- Ibituruna
- São Tiago

Rua Irmã Eugênia Luz Pinto, 93 - Centro / São João Del Rei
MG - Estrada Real - Brasil
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